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A Finalist in Germany ’s prestigious ISPO design awards, the new Selk’ bag from Lippi is taking the design and outdoors worlds by storm! 

Watch footage of the Selk' bag Dancers from the ISPO awards show, including interviews with German and Norwegian trendspotters.

The Selk’ bag has already been featured on English language sites like Designspotter.com and many of the web’s other hippest design blogs. Finally, a limited number of Selk’ bags are available to the general public in Europe and North America .


 Read what  design and outdoors reviewers say about the Selk’ bag:


 “camping is second nature to me…and this gets my award for coolest gizmo of the year. I want one. Desperately. Now.” [Adkrispies.com]



“I’ve been dreaming that some company would finally build a functional and fashionable full body sleeping bag and I think the perfect solution has arrived. ” [Josh Spear, JoshSpear.com]


“The only thing worse than being trapped in a sleeping bag, is needing to go to the toilet in one. Well cast those fears aside as the new Selk'bag is here….It's padded and shaped to the human form and allows free movement both in and out of sleep, where traditional sleeping bags don't. The various ties and adjustment belts allow for a very snug fit which keeps the warmth in and gives you further control when moving about. Selk'bag is padded with a number of layered inserts which provide maximum comfort when lying on even the hardest surfaces. Best of all , even the ugliest camper can look positively cute once wrapped in the Selk'bag.” [TheCoolHunter.net]


“Where the f*ck was this when we were in cold ass Utah for the Sundance Film Festival….Inside or outdoors, the Selk'bag gives the body maximum mobility and comfort. Fully lined and insulated but not bullky. Stand without any trouble, walk, cross your arms and legs, and when you get tired, just roll over and sleep.” [electro^plankton]


“the selk'bag is a sleeping bag with legs, so you never have to get out of your sleeping bag. Its a lazy mans dream come true….I know I'm buying one.” [digg.com]


Selk' bag. Freedom. In the Bag.

The Lippi Selk' bag, Lippi Selk' bag design, respective images and patents are the property of Rodrigo Alonso Schramm